4x Lambswool Car Wash Mitt Double Sided Genuine Sheepskin Gloves


Double Sided Genuine Sheepskin Lambswool Car Wash Mitt

100% Genuine lambswool wash mitt, Super soft to prevent swirl marks and scratches, Makes washing and polishing quicker and easier

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Double Sided Genuine Sheepskin Lambswool Car Wash Mitt

100% Genuine lambswool wash mitt, Super soft to prevent swirl marks and scratches, Makes washing and polishing quicker and easier

Deep plush pile.

One size fits all with elasticated cuff.

Item Specifics:

  • 28cm x 22 cm
  • 100% Genuine Sheepskin
  • Thick wool pile gently traps dirt and debris
  • Thumb design with a knitted cuff for comfort and control
  • Lint free & clear coat safe
  • Rinse with cool water after each use and allow to air dry inside out. Do not machine wash or dry.
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Here are Some Tips for Washing Your Car

1. Always use car wash soap. Dishwashing liquid is designed to remove grease wax etc. and will wind up removing your protective coatings.

2. Start at the top and work down.You don’t want to be bringing road grime and abrasives from your wheels and rocker panels, and
scrubbing them over the top surfaces of  your car. ( I actually use 2 of these mitts, one for the tires, wheels, and rockers, and one for the rest of the car.
3. Wet your car first. You want to loosen and rinse off what you can before trapping it between your mitt and your cars finish. Soap helps to lubricate trapped particles as well. Use your hose to especially blast off any bird droppings, they usually contain gravel; necessary for a birds digestion.
4. Don’t let the soap dry on your car. Soap once dried on a cars surface will not just wash off with a hose. You need to rewash that surface. So only do as much of your car at a time that you can easily rinse off before it dries.
5. Do a final complete rinse. Rinsing each section as you go along is a good idea, but the sometimes leads to overspray of diluted soap going back onto already done sections, so it is a good idea as a final step to completely rinse your entire car in a sheeting action.
6. Use a chamois or equivalent for drying.For comparable results and less effort get a synthetic chamois. (Yes in this case the man made one does a better job) Don’t let your chamois ever touch the ground, and the same goes for your wash mitt. If it does, clean it thoroughly. Oddly enough synthetic wash mitts trap grit, and are harder to clean than the shearling wash mitts. The silky smooth surface on a shearling wash mitt sheds the dirt more readily.
7. Use “Black Magic Liquid Wet Shine” as your polish. I know I am treading on thin ice here because everyone has their favorite wax or polish. The leading consumer reporting magazine, and we all know which one that is, rated Black Magic Liquid Wet Shine, as their number one rated polish. There was another one that tied it for the first spot, but as they reported, the other top contender, although it would last as long, give you the gloss etc., it would create fine scratch lines especially on darker newer car finishes. So Black Magic wins. Oddly enough it is also their number one best buy, considering it is one of the least expensive, coming in well under 10 dollars. Some of the 29 polishes they rated, were over 30 dollars per container, and Black Magic still beat them all. I use it, and it blows, “Nu Car Finish” and all the rest of them away. The gloss the sheen, the smoothness of the finish, even over time it is still number one. A couple of weeks after applying it and I run the back of my hand across the finish and it still feels like silk.

Application can be a challenge unless  you know the secret. Wet a small towel, and wring it out to be damp not wet to get started. Do approximately 1 square foot at a time, or no more than 2 square feet. Rub it in real well when applying, spend some time on it. Then take a fresh cotton bed sheet, or polishing cloth, and rub it back off right away while it is still wet. Don’t do any of this in the sunlight. You will notice with towel number number 2, your drying towel, that it will quickly pick up the wet material, and it won’t take too long before it becomes a semi-damp towel itself. When this happens, break out towel number 3 to use as your final rubbing towel.

So you use towel 1 to apply, towel 2 to get the bulk of the material off, and then towel 3 to get the fine haze off that is left behind. Wow what a time saver that is. Understand that it still takes a bunch of rubbing, but the rewards are worth the effort. You may of course after using it for a while come up with some of your own little secrets, but after spending a lot of time doing my first side of the car, literally hours of rubbing, when I finally came up with “the method” I went up the other side of the car in about an hour. Some of you may be saying but I don’t want to spend a couple of hours polishing my car. I understand that, but my philosophy is that time is not important, I just want the best car finish I can create; quality first, and then I will figure out how to do it quicker later. Besides lesser polishes don’t last nearly as long, and then you have to do it more times to get less than stellar results. Black Magic is the one the pro’s are raving about, with how inexpensive it is give it a try.



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